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Meet the Hardy's Team - Holly Hardy

I was lucky enough to be born into a farming family. Living on a farm was a truly great experience for many reasons. Growing up I experienced first hand - where food comes from, how to care for it, how to use resources wisely and very importantly how to treat nature and all it provides with respect.

That journey and learning is still ongoing and our work with the Farm Shop and Corner House Cafe is the start of sharing our vision with our customers, community and suppliers. Sourcing, Cooking , Eating, Drinking, Enjoying and providing good wholesome food is absolutely key as is striving for the best quality and to buy locally and to buy British whenever we can.

As a former Commercial Property Agent - I understand the need to source all of our products with great care and indeed look after our suppliers in the process .

Our team will always help you - they have our customers at their forefront - I know that they all care very highly about ensuring we deliver to you. We warmly welcome you into our “hub”.

As with any evolving business suggestions and feedback is always welcome email:


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