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Hardy's Award Winning Meat

At Hardy's you will find only the freshest and highest quality products from local suppliers.

Delicious, local, affordable meat - traceable from Farm to Fork.

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Grassmere Pork

We are also supplied by Grasmere an award winning pork farm, supplying products from meat raised, butchered and prepared on the farm – from Sausage Rolls to prime Tenderloin.

Grasmere is a family-run business, and their absolute passion is providing our customers with delicious, tender cuts of meat, expertly prepared and hand crafted by our team of experienced butchers.


Doncaster's Butchers

We have recently welcomed the locally renowned Doncaster’s Butchers. Doncaster’s is a family run business that prides itself on producing most products in-store, when they say homemade, they mean homemade!


They are passionate and professional butchers with a century of knowledge and skill, which they are keen to share with you!


While they are always proud of their past and traditions, they strive to stay current with new ideas and innovations. We have chosen to partner with Doncaster’s as they supply quality locally sourced and fully traceable meat. 

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